sitting down and remembering you left your drink in the kitchen


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  • baby: A-a
  • mom: Apple? Say apple.
  • baby: *jumps*




perks of a joel heyman:

  • he will interrupt you to tell a story
  • he will not get to the end of the story
  • he may not get to the end of a full sentence

and let’s not forget

  • he’ll start a story and then suddenly refuse to finish it
  • on an exasperated rant his voice will gradually pitch higher
  • Caboose Mode can kick in at any moment

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Deadpool V4 #7


Deadpool V4 #7

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Anonymous asked: not trying to go against you but don't you think you're being a bit presumptuous? we really don't know much about Gavin and Meg and I just think it's weird to assume all that from bits you've picked up from a fraction of Gavin's life he spends in front of the camera. also I think for Gav to get a house and move in with Meg was a huge step in his life and he wouldn't have done it without putting much thought into their relationship. I can't say I'm a huge turnfree fan but I don't think (1/2)


they’re really going apart. also, it’s odd to assume he’s bisexual from childhood homophobia, and I dont think that holds a ton of weight considering his age and personality. just my thoughts on the matter.

Your points are very valid, but I’m going to have to strongly disagree with you. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong, though, but I disagree with you. Here’s why: 

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everything personal♡


everything personal♡

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Listen to me for a second fuckers

I don’t play your games. I don’t tag shit and I don’t censor. I don’t post selfies and I don’t have an about me filled with bullshit labels I made up to make me feel better about what a piece of shit I am! If I got a problem with you I don’t use Anon. And I’ve never once told someone to kill themselves over a fucking opinion. You think I AM offensive?! This site is filled with some of the most offensive shit I’ve ever seen.  I post what I like and say what I feel. Don’t like it? GET THE FUCK OFF MY BLOG!

That being said, I’m generally a nice person and post happy stuff! :)  I’m just not dealing with your shit anymore today tumblr.